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Houston, TX


with Natalye Appel + Associates Architects and Energy Architects 



The renovation project includes a small addition to provide staff and service requirements and a completely gutted and renovated original structure. Architectural solutions focused on design for function, comfort, safety, durability and sustainability, while rejuvinating the sense of color and style associated with the 1970's, a design decade neglected in Houston until very recently.

A new public entry from the large north parking area and a new entry sequence from the south, facing the street, help connect the building safely and visually to the users. Within the large main volume, under a new dynamic ceiling that masks the new energy efficient air-conditioning units, separate areas for each age group are defined, giving each acoustical and visual separation. The teen area and the adjacent adult living room face the north garden. The adult stack area faces the mature live oaks to the west. The children’s area is defined by two large glass openings that face the south and the main pedestrian and vehicular traffic providing a strong visual connection to the neighborhood. The concrete walls are clad with a horizontal cladding material bringing a more modest scale and updated look to the building. 

Photography: Ayala Vargas Photography

Jungman Library

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