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Houston, TX


Rose 2 north elev porch SM.jpg

a new normal LIVE + WORK + PLAY


This 1025 SF addition to a 23-year old townhouse re-ignites the dialog between private dwelling and community. The 15-foot wide extension respects the alternating bays of the existing structure. The addition extends both vertically and horizontally, aligning with neighboring masses, as it establishes a new open connection with the street. The desire to re-engage with the changing neighborhood, inspired by bungalow porches, creates a new “public” zone combining WORK + PLAY opportunities. Privacy levels are modulated by distance to street, sliding curtains, and glass panels.


The ground level vegetation and gravel surfaced art court and gallery are designed to maximize permeable surfaces on the limited site, helping mitigate the impact of future flood events. Exterior cladding and interior finish materials are equally robust and economical, reflecting respect for the original modest neighborhood and townhouse. Design decisions balance restraint in the use of material resources with generosity in terms of flexibility, resiliency, and community connectivity.

Designed with Jonathan Myers, AIA, RID, CCM

Photography by Jon Henning,


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