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Big Little Hotel is out!

This book showcases small hotels, all located in the United States, designed by architects who use light and materials in interesting and intentional ways. The designs also deliberately connect to their local history, context, or land – in many cases all three. Both the architecture and the operations harmonize with the place, whether that is a bustling city, small town, or natural area. Many are new buildings but some are adaptive reuse projects or renovations of historic properties, extending the connectivity of the place into the future.

A condensed history of lodging helps to place the many typologies and histories of hospitality in relationship to world events and includes the many factors that influence hotel development such as business practices, technology, and even politics. Hotels are influenced by larger trends and innovations in hospitality such as the emergence of a variety of creative possibilities for future travel. A final chapter includes speculation on travel trends and encourages us all to wander more intentionally.

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